Although some may find the novels’ themes rather dark, you may want to stop and think what your position would be if there was no doubt and all reality was exposed.
Also, the exact interrogation mechanics may be questioned, but the feasibility is intriguing. And do you know our regular mistake in assessing new technology? We consistently overestimate the short term and underestimate the long term.

 I’ve worked for a number of companies (actually eight in total), both private and public firms.

A couple of degrees allowed me to play various roles: chemical engineer, teacher, football coach, programmer, systems analyst, and manager.

 Since my retirement I have turned to writing, painting, travelling and golf; I hesitate putting golf in this group of enjoyable activities.

I target today’s readers, busy people in need of something different, something to challenge the imagination, a what-if approach. What do you think society would do if all the real details of a crime where available for public review? Would some of the current excuses/reasons for the crime still be acceptable? Would the death penalty be universally accepted?

             Say HELLO to Jesus

The murders take place years apart; the longest time span is 25 years. But finally all the detectives agree: they are chasing a serial killer. The extended time periods make it extremely difficult to find witnesses and to reconstruct crime scenes. In the end unanticipated twists confuse the investigation; religion and detectives clash.
     The killer thinks he has kept secrets and attitude to himself, but rumours and gossip provide what reticence hoped to keep private!
    Senior homicide detective, Charlie Taylor, has to bend the rules to force a confession; the cornered killer explains his motives and the victims’ last moments, including a bizarre process.

Number 5 in series. Projected publication date 2020


The entire homicide detective squad are all in the final years of their career; there are a couple of exceptions: Charlie Taylor has retired and his daughter is on the squad, after a rapid rise through the ranks.

Charlie is true to form and on tour of Europe manages to rip off the skirt of one the tour bus passengers; her naked body causes an uproar and an arrest. While in police headquarters in London a message arrives from home:
the goddam Irish killer is back. The news stuns the retired detective; this is the one killer who escaped after a series of brutal home invasions.

The pattern is the same: anyone whose heritage could be traced back as an Ulster Scot was not safe. The blaring music at the crime scene and the vicious desecration of the bodies convinced the team he has returned.

Novel # 6 in the series. Projected publication date  2020.