A recently apprehended killer claims his mind was modified by the new Forensic tools, specifically the memory probe which proved his innocence when he was on death row a couple of years ago.

All the new Forensic tools may not be used to assess his declaration; if he has a valid claim, this step could cause further brain damage.  Charlie has to solve this claim under extreme circumstances: he is no longer in Homicide and has enemies in administration, all waiting for him to break the rules.
If the Forensic tools have turned the man into a killer ,then the entire justice system is invalid and Dr. Max is ruined.

Number 4  in the series. Projected publication date April 2017

Ten years after the brutal home invasion case, the Irish police request Charlie’s help. It appears they have a copycat or is it a remnant from Charlie’s original case: Kill All of Them

 While in Ireland, Charlie tries to accommodate his wife and takes a short UK bus tour; no one understands how he managed to rip all the clothing off another female tourist.

                                               Number 5 in series.

                                                 Projected publication: April 2018

Although some may find the novels’ themes rather dark, you may want to stop and think what your position would be if there was no doubt and all reality was exposed.
Also, the exact interrogation mechanics may be questioned, but the feasibility is intriguing. And do you know our regular mistake in assessing new technology? We consistently overestimate the short term and underestimate the long term.

 I’ve worked for a number of companies (actually eight in total), both private and public firms.

A couple of degrees allowed me to play various roles: chemical engineer, teacher, football coach, programmer, systems analyst, and manager.

 Since my retirement I have turned to writing, painting, travelling and golf; I hesitate putting golf in this group of enjoyable activities.

I target today’s readers, busy people in need of something different, something to challenge the imagination, a what-if approach. What do you think society would do if all the real details of a crime where available for public review? Would some of the current excuses/reasons for the crime still be acceptable? Would the death penalty be universally accepted?